lotuskiss: i love you alex

you are such a cutie ems!! 

Anonymous: what do germans think about greeks? and what do you think?

i personally love greece, i have been there so many times and i luv the people and the country - it’s beautiful!
i guess most people here feel the same way, but we also think all people who live there are old man who have a donkey and eat fish all day haha. And some germans are angry because our country gives greece a lot of money. but all in all most people love spending there summer in this amazing country :-)

gardenofedens: hey sweet heart! how has your day been :) omg you are from Germany that is beyond awesome, i've always dreamed of visiting it!

hey lovely, my day is nice! I am in the movies with my bestie atm, but the film is over :( aaw seriously? that’s so cool u have to visit germany one day! x

smearedlipstick: About losing followers on instagram overnight, where you using some sort of app that tells you who unfollows? I use it and I lost like 80 followers, it's strange because not everybody is losing followers, so maybe only those who use the app do?

omg yes i used a app like this